Baby Jude: Part Two

Baby Jude: Part One

These newborn pictures were a lot of fun.  Jude was such a fun baby to shoot - cute, sleepy, and his mom had some fun ideas, which makes it that much easier for me :)  Since I am in a hurry to get this post up I will keep this short.  Enjoy:

Why Take Pictures

Sometimes I ask myself what it is I love so much about photography (especially photography of people.)  I love what Justin Hackworth said here:

I love that by just the click of a button I get an image that reminds me of sights, sounds, smells, and feelings for the rest of my life.

Brems Family (The Other Brems)

So, when I took Paul & Lindsay's photos we actually did them at my cousin's home.  She was so sweet to help me with Allie so I didn't have to find a babysitter.  We got some of her cute family while I was there...I'll just share one since they are pretty much the same:

Thanks for all your help Melinda and Jonathan!  And Libby - for entertaining Allie :)

Baby Brems Part Two

Brems Baby Part One

I had the pleasure of meeting this little family and taking some pictures of their sweet brand new baby.  She was such a good girl and let us pose her even while she was awake.  Here is part one of the shoot.  Part two will follow shortly.

Blog Reviews and Giveaways

For those of you who follow my other blog, A Few of My Favorite Things, you know that I have been doing a lot of reviews and giveaways for some of my favorite Etsy stores.  One of my favorite parts of these: taking photographs of the products :)  Here are just a few pics of some of them.  Oh, and be sure to head on over and enter some of the giveaways!  Some are ending soon!

Brad and Tiana Part Two

Missing Summer...

Brad and Tiana: Part One

I was looking forward to this shoot for a long time.  Tiana is the brains behind my new blog and we had been planning the shoot for a while.  We got so lucky and scheduled on the warmest day in November.  Seventy degrees, with a perfect cloud layer for lighting.  We took them at Wheeler Farm, which I am pretty sure is one of the best places to shoot at in the Fall.  Plus, the couple is obviously gorgeous and they were happy to be there, not to mention very photogenic :) 

Baby Sienna

This sweet little girl is the second baby I've done recently that just did not want to sleep :)  That's okay though, we still got some cute shots of her and her older sister, Kendra.

Scott and Lauren's Wedding Album

We got these albums for a smokin' deal... I haven't used Picaboo yet for these types of albums, but I have heard good things about them.  We all got $100 credit for $35.  The albums we ordered are the Madison.  They are normally $90 each so we basically just had to pay for shipping and some extra pages, but what a deal!

Here is what the album itself looks like:

Custom laminated photo cover

Nate and Becca Married!!

The best way to describe these two on their wedding weekend was just overflowing with happiness.  I know that I am not the only one so excited for these two and their little family to be sealed together. 

Brad and Tiana: Sneak Peek

So, I am editing 2 shoots and making an album all simultaneously...and I am doing some newborn photos today.  But, I just HAD to share a little bit from this shoot I did with Brad and Tiana yesterday.

Can you get any better models?  I don't think so.  :)  Nate & Becca's wedding photos, Scott & Lauren's wedding album, and the rest of these photos coming soon...

Nate and Becca: Sneak Peek

I am about 2/3 done with Nate and Becca's photos...I thought I would share a peek:

Florida: Game Day and Leaving

The Blue Bridge:

Florida: Anna Maria Island

We drove the 4 hours down just past Tampa to Anna Maria was totally worth it. You can see why:

Florida: Getting There and St. Augustine

Trey and I had so much fun this last week in Florida.  Get ready for lots of pictures.

We flew out of Salt Lake at 6am so these are of the sunrise on the plane:

A Little Dirt Never Hurt

That's Caring

This tub therapy basket came in the mail a few weeks ago.  Let's just say it was perfect timing for me - I really needed it!

Blowing Dandelions

My Sunflower Girl

Baby Gracie

This sweet little girl (who is almost three weeks) did not want to sleep for her time in front of the camera.  That's okay though, we still got some adorable shots of her; take a look:

My Little Girl

I can't believe how fast Allie is growing up!  She is a little girl now, talking in complete sentences and everything.  I took these before church a few Sundays ago when it really hit me that she is not my baby anymore.

A Nerdy Post For You

Just wanted to share with you the new addition to my business.  I am pretty excited about it.

Also, my brother (who is very smart when it comes to everything electronics) asked me to take some pictures for his website for his new business.  Have any issues with your computer and live near Rexburg, ID?  He is the guy to talk to.  You can see his website here.

Here are your nerdy pictures Brian :)

Nate, Becca, and Lexi - Engagements

I took these Friday at Murray Park.  My aunt Beth came along to help out with Lexi, who is such a cutie, and Allie - thanks Beth!  Nate and Becca are so good for each other and Lexi just loves Nate and calls him Daddy already!  They are such a cute little family.  So excited for you guys!

Our Oregon Coast Getaway

While down in Portland, Trey and I sent Allie home with my mom and got our own little 3 day getaway.  It was so much fun.  Here are quite a few pics from that:

Lily's Bridal Shower

My mom was in charge of a bridal shower for our family friends' daughter.  She is one of the nicest girls.  Her shower was really fun, especially since I got to see a lot of the people I grew up with.  Here are a few pics from that:

Pretty flowers

Darren and Aly's Wedding

During the first week of our trip to Seattle, we headed down to Portland for our cousin's wedding.  Luckily I wasn't the photographer so I could just sit back and enjoy it :)  However, I did bring my camera along and took a few pictures...I just couldn't resist :)

Jace and Mel

These two are so cute together and I was so excited to take their pictures, along with some of Jace for his senior pictures.  I was so tired the day we decided to take their pictures, but it ended up being really fun because they just made me laugh the whole time.  My dad is going to be upset (he thinks they look like engagement pictures) but here they are anyways...sorry Dad. :)


I have a ton of pics I need to start posting from this trip to WA so I thought I better start now...

My little sister and her best friend let me take some pictures after much convincing on my part.  I am so glad they did:

Alisha and Mike

These two were so much fun to photograph.  Alisha came with lots of fun ideas, and they both were natural models.  I don't think I had to pose them once!  You can just see the chemistry between these two, who just celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary.  We shot in a park they both grew up by and went to while dating, which made these photos even more special to them.

The Park

Today we decided to brave the heat and take Allie to the park.  As you can see, she enjoyed it quite a bit so it was worth the uncomfortable temperature. :)

First, the swings

A Few More...Along With the "Real" First Look

I decided I would post a few more of Lauren and Scott's pictures that I waited a little longer to edit.

A couple more bridals:

Scott and Lauren

I just took these photos last night, but I couldn't wait and just had to edit a few today...

Maddie and Lehi Part 2

I have finally finished the rest of these temple pictures (just in time for a bridal/groomal shoot I am so excited to do tomorrow!!!!!)

I actually edited these pictures in reverse; we did these ones at the temple before the other ones.  Oh well, I am just weird like that.

Bees & Lavender

Maddie and Lehi Part 1

I didn't meet Maddie and Lehi until the day of their wedding, and I was only with them for 2 short hours.  But, that's all it took to see how much in love these two were.  Take a look for yourself:

Swimming With the Cousins

Our Fourth of July Weekend

Maddie and Lehi Sneak Peek

Just a peek of the wedding I did today...more to come soon!

The Deal of the Summer

Alright, so here's the deal:

Trey is out of school for the summer, which means my schedule is pretty wide open.

I am DYING to take some pictures with the poppies this year - I lost my chance last year.

I am offering HALF OFF all of my photography packages right now if you will book me within the next couple weeks so I can get my poppy pictures.

You aren't going to want to wait guys...check out this amazing backdrop:

This picture posted HERE

And just for kicks...some pics I took while we were out enjoying the views:

You can e-mail, leave a message in the comments, or facebook me...