Lots to Blog About

I have so many shoots I need to blog!  Here are sneak peeks of some of them:

Newborn Favorites

Talking to a friend about doing some newborns, I realized I haven't posted all of the sessions I've done so I thought I would just do a post on some of my favorite newborn photos I've taken :)

Zach and Shaunte Wedding

Zach and Shaunte's wedding day was such a beautiful November day.  A little cold, but there was lots of sunshine and even some fall color left over!  They had their reception at Stone Gate in Lindon, UT and I LOVED the venue.  The food and company was excellent and everyone danced and had a ton of fun. I was really happy with how the pictures turned out - hope you like them too!

Zach and Shaunte Bridals

Zach and Shaunte were so much fun to photograph- they were both so photogenic and great models!  They were also just super nice people along with the rest of their family.  Both of their moms came to this bridal shoot- which I LOVE because they are so much help and will keep an eye on loose strands of hair or ruffles on dresses, etc.  We only shot for just under an hour but we got SO many great photos!  The winter light was so beautiful and it was especially warm for a November evening- so perfect.

Riverton City Building Reception

To end this wedding day, Lindsie and Tony held their reception at The Old Dome Meeting Hall which just barely opened- they may have been the first couple to have their reception here!  It was really pretty!  You can see their other photo sessions here, here, and here.

Tony and Lindsie Salt Lake Temple Wedding

Like I said in my previous post of these two, we did LOTS of pictures of them and got so many great ones!  These are from the wedding day at the temple.  We didn't spend much time there since we already did bridals there the week before.

Mike and Elizabeth Bountiful Temple

This post is a continuation of the bridals I did in Bountiful this last summer...we did one shoot with 2 locations and the temple was the second location.  It was a beautiful evening and so much fun!  Here is the first location we did in case you missed that post.

Dillon and Lindsey Seattle Wedding

Anyone else wishing for weather like this right now?  I had so much fun with this wedding- such a cute couple and a great day!  It is always a great excuse to get out to Seattle in the summer when I have a wedding to shoot- so if anyone is looking I am open to travel! ;)

Tony and Lindsie Salt Lake Temple Bridals

I was so happy to do this couple's wedding and see lots of the same people from the wedding I did the previous Fall.  Their family and friends are all SOO nice and fun to be around and make doing the wedding photography a pleasure!  We got to do a LOT of pictures for these two and I'm sure they were tired of smiling for the camera when it was all over, but they were so great and had good attitudes :)  We did these bridals on a day before the wedding so no stress!

Mike and Elizabeth Bountiful Bridals

These two are some of the kindest people I've met- you know you can just tell right away sometimes.  They were so cute with each other and so in love.  I had a lot of fun with them this evening and it was great to do these bridals before their wedding without any stress!  We started in the canyon then worked our way over to the Bountiful Temple.  Those pics to come later...