Florida: Game Day and Leaving

The Blue Bridge:

Florida: Anna Maria Island

We drove the 4 hours down just past Tampa to Anna Maria Island...it was totally worth it. You can see why:

Florida: Getting There and St. Augustine

Trey and I had so much fun this last week in Florida.  Get ready for lots of pictures.

We flew out of Salt Lake at 6am so these are of the sunrise on the plane:

A Little Dirt Never Hurt

That's Caring

This tub therapy basket came in the mail a few weeks ago.  Let's just say it was perfect timing for me - I really needed it!

Blowing Dandelions

My Sunflower Girl

Baby Gracie

This sweet little girl (who is almost three weeks) did not want to sleep for her time in front of the camera.  That's okay though, we still got some adorable shots of her; take a look:

My Little Girl

I can't believe how fast Allie is growing up!  She is a little girl now, talking in complete sentences and everything.  I took these before church a few Sundays ago when it really hit me that she is not my baby anymore.

A Nerdy Post For You

Just wanted to share with you the new addition to my business.  I am pretty excited about it.

Also, my brother (who is very smart when it comes to everything electronics) asked me to take some pictures for his website for his new business.  Have any issues with your computer and live near Rexburg, ID?  He is the guy to talk to.  You can see his website here.

Here are your nerdy pictures Brian :)