Ceci Maternity

Sunday after church we threw a surprise party for my little brother. We had all the cousins over and ate dinner and cake and played games. Ceci and Steven came a little early so I could take some maternity pics - aren't I lucky?!

Stanley Ford 1940-2010

On Saturday we attended Grandpa Ford's funeral services. He passed away last Sunday after a 2 year battle of pancreatic cancer.

Studio Lighting Photowalk

Last Saturday Adrian and I went to a Photowalk on Studio Lighting together in Draper.

I mostly use natural light when I shoot, so this was all pretty new to me.

I think I learned a lot about my style as a photographer, and it also opened my eyes to all the techniques in studio lighting.

I only took a few shots at each station...that being said, here is what I ended up with: