Last One I Promise

Okay, so I am pretty sure the next post will not be Allie.  I have a few shoots planned for the next month that I am really excited about and they have lots to do with babies :)  For now, here is one more of just Allie:


We are finally getting a few nice days here and there that allow us to get outside.  This last week we walked over to see the horses.  Allie was ecstatic and even more so when we got out the carrots to bring along.

To get her to look at me for 2 seconds I told her there was a bug on the camera...there ended up being a bug in my hair so I wasn't completely lying :)

Las Vegas Trip

Since BYU has been playing so well this year Trey has been really into watching their games.  He had been wanting to go down to watch them in the tournament in Vegas, and since I had never been there I was totally on board.  We decided to stay in Vegas one night and spend the rest of the weekend with some of our best friends in St. George.  We drove to St. George a couple Thursdays ago and stayed there, then went out to Vegas the next day. 

The Park

It wss finally warm enough today to get outside for a little bit and go to the park.  Allie was very happy about that.  I took my camera along, mostly just to get some pics of Allie's sweater since it cost ten bucks and I needed some pics of it to get my money's worth :)  Here are a couple o my faves: