The Park

Today we decided to brave the heat and take Allie to the park.  As you can see, she enjoyed it quite a bit so it was worth the uncomfortable temperature. :)

First, the swings

A Few More...Along With the "Real" First Look

I decided I would post a few more of Lauren and Scott's pictures that I waited a little longer to edit.

A couple more bridals:

Scott and Lauren

I just took these photos last night, but I couldn't wait and just had to edit a few today...

Maddie and Lehi Part 2

I have finally finished the rest of these temple pictures (just in time for a bridal/groomal shoot I am so excited to do tomorrow!!!!!)

I actually edited these pictures in reverse; we did these ones at the temple before the other ones.  Oh well, I am just weird like that.

Bees & Lavender

Maddie and Lehi Part 1

I didn't meet Maddie and Lehi until the day of their wedding, and I was only with them for 2 short hours.  But, that's all it took to see how much in love these two were.  Take a look for yourself:

Swimming With the Cousins

Our Fourth of July Weekend