Kramer Family

I don't know the Kramer's super well, but Melonie is always so cute to watch with the kids at church and Allie is always talking about how nice she is...not to mention their boys are just ADORABLE...don't they all have the best smiles too?!  Cute, cute family, and last one from the Sunflower Mini Sessions.  Did you get enough of the sunflowers? ;)

Mother-Daughter Mini Shoot

Hailee and Melissa are some of my favorite people!  Hailee was Allie's first new friend when we moved here and instantly they were BFF's.  Sometimes I think Allie spends more time at their house than she does at ours!  I LOVED doing their mother-daughter photo shoot and I want to do more- maybe this year for Mother's Day I'll have to do a promotion...anyways, take a look at these gorgeous girls:

Martin Kids Mini Session

I am going to post these last mini sessions really quick since I got everyone their CDs today.  Aren't these little blondies cute? I loved the boys matching shirts! 

Baugh Family Mini Session

Family number four was the Baugh family!  These guys are WAY too cute for words-I loved the outfits they chose.  I especially loved how the sibling pictures turned out- you can tell they have a really good relationship and are so sweet to each other. 

Miller Family

The third family of the sunflower mini sessions was the Miller Family.  I didn't know them before, but they were a cute bunch and it was fun to meet them!

Larsen Family

As promised, here is the next family of my sunflower mini-sessions.  The Larsen family who I admire and love and who is always serving my family as well as many others.  :)

Andreason Family

Get ready for lots of family mini session posts in the next couple weeks!  So far I have 2 families completely done, 6 more to go!  First up is the Andreason family.  Their kids are as well-behaved as they are cute- I know its hard to believe!  They were little angels taking pictures so we got lots of really cute ones.  Here are just a few:

Seattle Trip

Our family trip this summer was to visit my parents and siblings in Seattle area.  We love going there in the summer because its so green, gorgeous and usually a perfect high 70's/low 80's temperature.  This year, however, it was 90's and with no A/C we decided we needed to go take the boat out a couple times and hang out near the water.  We took some family pictures by Lake Wilderness and it was significantly cooler there.  We also walked through some really really old forest in the area that was a tiny bit cooler and pretty neat.  Here are just a few of my favorite pics from the trip:

Smith Family Photos

You might recognize these two from my website sister and her husband are always a favorite couple of mine to photograph, and now they have a super cute puppy to add to the mix.  I took my camera while we were out on a walk at my parent's place in Seattle and got a few cute family pics of them.

Baby Wheiler

The best compliment I ever get from my clients is when they book another session with me.  I love being able to work with previous clients (and friends) and Emily and Preston are just that.  You may remember their wedding April 2013.  They have become a cute little family of 3 now and I got to take pics of their sweet little boy!  Usually when I do newborn sessions I come right to your home, but since Preston and Emily were in the middle of a move they came to my house instead.  We did a quick mini-session and got quite a few great shots from it-here are my faves:

Brett and Kassie Wedding Day

You can see the bridals here.  These two got sealed in the Seattle Temple and had their reception at the Elk Run Golf Course.  Tricia Munk was the decorator for the reception and she did an amazing job!  Congrats to Kassie and Brett!

Kassie and Brett Bridals

Have I mentioned lately how Bridals are my FAVORITE?  Well they are.  And, I am GIDDY to share these ones with you.  The couple couldn't be more gorgeous, the place we took them (Bellevue Gardens) was FANTASTIC and they just turned out so pretty.  My favorite part of the shoot was the beginning- Kassie and her mom had been having a really stressful week and morning and as soon as we did the reveal with Brett and Kassie they both just broke down and I could tell they were just so happy to see each other and realize that all the stress of a wedding was worth it.  It was really cute.  You can see for yourself:

Angie and Jim Wedding Part Two

Read about this wedding in Part One

Angie and Jim Wedding Part One

Jim and Angie picked one of the hottest days of the year to get married- great job guys ;)  It was about 103 degrees when we drove up Parley's Canyon and got a little cooler there.  I took Trey and the baby with me (since he still won't take a bottle for me) and was a little worried about Jensen being too hot, but it worked out okay.  The venue was very pretty at Louland Falls and the ceremony and reception was a very high-energy, fun event.  Jim rode his bike off the side of the mountain and down the aisle, then the rest of the wedding party danced down the aisle to music.  Their vows were very fun and sweet and the whole ceremony just perfectly portrayed these two and their personalities.  There were lots of smiles, laughs, and happy people all around and I think it is safe to say everyone had a really good time!

Angie and Jim Bridals

I am so glad I found this little gem in downtown Salt Lake City- its just a couple blocks from where Trey works and will work SO great for future photo sessions.  Angie brought along some colorful balloons to add to the photos and Jim just umm brought a car.  No big deal ;)  It was funny to see EVERY SINGLE guy that walked past this car HAD to take a pic of it with their phone.  Like there wasn't any other option and they just couldn't resist. I always welcome props in my sessions- especially when they are meaningful to my clients and bring out their personalities!

Angie and Jim Engagements

Wow I haven't updated this blog in FOREVER!  I guess that's what happens when you go on maternity leave because you are so sick for an ENTIRE pregnancy, then you have 3 kids all of a sudden!  Craziness.  I have been working my tail off to get all these pictures from the last few months done and now I can finally share them!!  First I have the engagements of Jim and Angie- a couple of crazy (daring, extreme sports-loving) kids that are crazy about each other too.