Sara and Ellie

Allie was so excited when I told her we were going to take some pictures of her friends.  These girls just love each other and had so much fun in the little time we got to see them.  You might remember the pictures we did previously with the three of them.  This time I tried to keep Allie out of the picture, but they sure had a lot of fun throwing flowers at each other. 

My Other Stef Friend

Coincidentally, both of my good friends named Stef are having babies close to the same time.  I met up with Stef yesterday for a quick session and I think we got some really cute ones.  

One More Month

Steph is one of my best friends.  We've known each other since 7th grade and have been lucky to live pretty close together our whole lives.  She has had an exciting couple of years with her wedding and a baby-on-the-way.  Only one more month to go and she'll have a new baby girl.  Congrats Steph; I am so excited for you and Rawlin!

The Keys

Well, I haven't quite finished editing all of my Florida pictures, but I am almost done.  I thought I would start posting the ones that I have finished and I'll get to the others later...

Sorry these aren't in any particular order.  I am being lazy and not caring so much about that right now :(

Little Angel

Don't kids just look like little angels when they are asleep?  Allie is in a stubborn and opinionated 3-year-old stage, so I have to really appreciate all the sweet times she has.  A rare nap-time is one of them:

Baby Hailey

Mike and Misty just had their first baby.  She is such a sweetie and they are such cute parents.  Unfortunately, Hailey decided she didn't want her picture taken this evening and kept her mom busy trying to calm her down, but we still got a few cute shots.  Here are some of my fave: