Baby Wesley

This little guy was just perfect the whole time.  The entire shoot only took about 35 min. - a record for newborns :)  
Just look at how adorable he is:

The Tuttle Family

After church last Sunday we stopped by the park for some quick family pics.  Gorgeous family, don't you think?


We escaped the snow this weekend and went down to St. George to see our "twins." It was relaxing, fun, and wonderful.  We especially enjoyed the 65 degree weather on Saturday...

Thanks Tad and Candice, for a weekend we needed very much!

More pics to come when I get CS5 and my "new old" computer :)

Family Pictures

We took ten minutes before we drove to Seattle to take some new family pics.  We were lucky too - it was really the only time that day that it wasn't raining :)

Snow Day

A Few From the Holidays

Just a few shots from our holiday vacation:  More to come when I get Adobe CS5...