Melanie and Timmy Bridals Part One

This is my favorite kind of photo session to do...Gorgeous couple, gorgeous attire, and no stress non-wedding day, along with the bride being my sister.  Pretty much perfect.  Not to mention the setting being beautiful with lots of natural light and indoors so we were warm.  Yep, about as cushy as this job gets :)

Melanie and Timmy Sneak Peek

Can't wait to share these pics with you guys.  They will be up soon!

Expressions of Allie

On the drive home from the cabin we stayed at last weekend I told Allie to make faces for me.  I just love this girl so much!

A Cabin in the Woods

The last time we took Allie to a cabin she was only just over a year and didn't really know what we were doing.  This time she was really excited, and since a snow storm came through the night we got there, she was even more excited to play in the snow for the first time this year.  

It was so fun to see our good friends and meet some new ones and I definitely think we will plan another trip to all get together again soon.  Here are a few pics from the weekend:

The Hyde Family

Every time I take pictures at Wheeler Farm I always enjoy it and the pictures always turn out great.  I am totally going back again and again until we leave the Salt Lake area.  I loved the outfits the Hyde family wore for their pics- so classic.  And how cute is their baby boy?!

The Brems Family

I got to do some pictures for one of my favorite families of all time.  Baby Holden was so cute and wiggly the whole time making us laugh.  I LOVED the outfits Melinda chose too.  Too cute.

Austin and Adriana Bridals

These two are SO fun to take pictures of- so photogenic and so cute together. See for yourself:

First of all- the first look:

Austin and Adriana Sneak Peek

I am almost finished with the bridals I did this weekend for Austin & Adriana.  I thought I would just share a little peek until I could get them all up:

The Powell Family

Remember this cute newborn?  I got to take some pictures of her and her family this weekend.  Could they be any more gorgeous?  I especially loved the outfits and colors Steph picked out.

Austin and Adriana Engagements

Oh my goodness these two are ADORABLE.  It was so fun to take their engagement pics and I am excited to do their bridals soon too.  I have family coming today, so I've worked on these around the clock and I managed to finish them all!  No part one and part two on this session!  Although, I wanted to post so many more and had to limit myself :)

Darren and Aly Salt Lake Temple: Part 2

Real Beauty

Last night for our Young Women activity we talked about our inner beauty and I got to take pictures of the girls.  We seriously have the cutest girls ever.  You can definitely see their inner beauty coming out in these pictures and see that each one is so unique and special.  I hope you like your pictures, girls!

Darren and Aly Salt Lake Temple: Part 1

Yeah, I couldn't choose a few of my favorites, so there is going to be 2 parts to this... When you have a gorgeous couple and a gorgeous place to shoot, you kinda end up with too many pretty pictures :)

Darren and Aly Salt Lake Temple: Sneak Peek

Last Saturday I got to see these two be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  Can't even describe how happy they looked.  Here's a little peek, and I'll share the rest very soon!

Maternity Pics!

Remember Mackenzie?  Well, not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is a very talented photographer.  She took some maternity pics for me while I was in Seattle and I love them!  Here are my faves:


Mackenzie is the best friend of my sister and an aspiring photographer herself.  She really wanted some senior pics with her dog, Rory, and also with Mel and her boyfriend Nathan.  We decided to do a little shoot and at the same time she did some maternity pics for me.  I will be sharing those soon, but for now, here is Mackenzie:

The Fister Family

During my family reunion a couple weeks ago, I got to take some family pics for my cousin.  How cute is this family?!

Fister Family Sneak Peek

I am back from my long and very fun vacation and I am finally getting to work on all the pics I took during it.  While my extended family was here, I got to take some pictures of possibly the cutest family ever.  Here is a little sneak peek:

Family Reunion 2011

The family reunion this year was so much fun.  It was so great to have almost everyone there.  On the last day we took a big family picture.  Here are a few of the best:

Brems Cuties

We took these pics the same day we did this maternity shoot; I just completely forgot to post them!  You may remember these kids from the past newborn shoot I did...they just get cuter as they get older!

Baby Brielle

It was so fun to see my friends Steph & Rawlin and meet their new baby Brielle.  She is such a sweet, well-tempered baby and they make such a cute family!

Bees Scare Me

Why is it I always love the pictures I take of bees, but bees totally freak me out? 

Remember my other ones from last year...
I think I might like this one more though...what do you think?

Beautiful Baby Blues

Remember this sweet newborn?  He is getting bigger and even cuter!  Aren't his blue eyes gorgeous?!

Baby Cameron

Remember this gorgeous couple I took pictures of last Fall?  They just had a sweet little boy and I had the pleasure of taking his pictures.  Meet baby Cameron:

Baby Bentley

I hope I spelled his name right :)  This little cutie just slept the whole time we did his pictures.  His mom is the 2nd Stef I took maternity pics of just days before he was born.

Baby Hailey Part 2

Trey, Allie, and I were lucky to get to go see our friends' baby be blessed this last Sunday.  Of course I brought my camera along and got a few shots afterward:

Circus Party

This last weekend we had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for my cousin's 2 year-old boy.  You may remember some pics I took of him from a year ago.  It was a SUPER cute party and I got to do a little photo session with the kids and some fun props.  Take a look:

Sara and Ellie

Allie was so excited when I told her we were going to take some pictures of her friends.  These girls just love each other and had so much fun in the little time we got to see them.  You might remember the pictures we did previously with the three of them.  This time I tried to keep Allie out of the picture, but they sure had a lot of fun throwing flowers at each other. 

My Other Stef Friend

Coincidentally, both of my good friends named Stef are having babies close to the same time.  I met up with Stef yesterday for a quick session and I think we got some really cute ones.  

One More Month

Steph is one of my best friends.  We've known each other since 7th grade and have been lucky to live pretty close together our whole lives.  She has had an exciting couple of years with her wedding and a baby-on-the-way.  Only one more month to go and she'll have a new baby girl.  Congrats Steph; I am so excited for you and Rawlin!

The Keys

Well, I haven't quite finished editing all of my Florida pictures, but I am almost done.  I thought I would start posting the ones that I have finished and I'll get to the others later...

Sorry these aren't in any particular order.  I am being lazy and not caring so much about that right now :(

Little Angel

Don't kids just look like little angels when they are asleep?  Allie is in a stubborn and opinionated 3-year-old stage, so I have to really appreciate all the sweet times she has.  A rare nap-time is one of them:

Baby Hailey

Mike and Misty just had their first baby.  She is such a sweetie and they are such cute parents.  Unfortunately, Hailey decided she didn't want her picture taken this evening and kept her mom busy trying to calm her down, but we still got a few cute shots.  Here are some of my fave:


This April was our 5th wedding anniversary.  Since we are going on a big family trip to partly celebrate it, we didn't do anything on our actual anniversary.  Trey brought me home some pretty tulips though, so I had to get some pics of them:

Allie Birthday

For Allie's 3rd birthday this year we made some last minute plans to take her to the zoo. She was so excited about it and it ended up being a perfect day to go (the weather was great!)

Nate and Becca Album

So I have had this almost done for a while now...I just finally made myself finish it this weekend, although I will probably be making a few adjustments for the final one.

Baby Boy Brems

It was so much fun to take these pictures of my cousin's baby boy.  Can you believe the red hair on this little guy?  He is just adorable.

Last One I Promise

Okay, so I am pretty sure the next post will not be Allie.  I have a few shoots planned for the next month that I am really excited about and they have lots to do with babies :)  For now, here is one more of just Allie:


We are finally getting a few nice days here and there that allow us to get outside.  This last week we walked over to see the horses.  Allie was ecstatic and even more so when we got out the carrots to bring along.

To get her to look at me for 2 seconds I told her there was a bug on the camera...there ended up being a bug in my hair so I wasn't completely lying :)

Las Vegas Trip

Since BYU has been playing so well this year Trey has been really into watching their games.  He had been wanting to go down to watch them in the tournament in Vegas, and since I had never been there I was totally on board.  We decided to stay in Vegas one night and spend the rest of the weekend with some of our best friends in St. George.  We drove to St. George a couple Thursdays ago and stayed there, then went out to Vegas the next day. 

The Park

It wss finally warm enough today to get outside for a little bit and go to the park.  Allie was very happy about that.  I took my camera along, mostly just to get some pics of Allie's sweater since it cost ten bucks and I needed some pics of it to get my money's worth :)  Here are a couple o my faves:


Allie has a new obsession other than horses now...playing dress up.  She puts on one of her tutus everyday and has to wear the "heels" that she got for Christmas along with it.  She says "I'm a pretty princess" and I have no idea where she got it from since she doesn't watch any princess movies really...I guess it really is ingrained in us as girls :)  Anyway, I had to document some of this "phase" (I hope.)

Baby Wesley

This little guy was just perfect the whole time.  The entire shoot only took about 35 min. - a record for newborns :)  
Just look at how adorable he is:

The Tuttle Family

After church last Sunday we stopped by the park for some quick family pics.  Gorgeous family, don't you think?


We escaped the snow this weekend and went down to St. George to see our "twins." It was relaxing, fun, and wonderful.  We especially enjoyed the 65 degree weather on Saturday...

Thanks Tad and Candice, for a weekend we needed very much!

More pics to come when I get CS5 and my "new old" computer :)

Family Pictures

We took ten minutes before we drove to Seattle to take some new family pics.  We were lucky too - it was really the only time that day that it wasn't raining :)

Snow Day

A Few From the Holidays

Just a few shots from our holiday vacation:  More to come when I get Adobe CS5...