Las Vegas Trip

Since BYU has been playing so well this year Trey has been really into watching their games.  He had been wanting to go down to watch them in the tournament in Vegas, and since I had never been there I was totally on board.  We decided to stay in Vegas one night and spend the rest of the weekend with some of our best friends in St. George.  We drove to St. George a couple Thursdays ago and stayed there, then went out to Vegas the next day. 

We stayed in The Palms Place Hotel.  It was really pretty, but we totally felt out of place (being married and having Allie with us) and the staff didn't care to make us feel anymore comfortable (don't stay here if you aren't rich and single...just saying...)  I enjoyed the motel we stayed at on the Oregon Coast more than this ritzy hotel full of snooty people :)

Seriously though...look at this bathroom:

Once the guys left to go to the game Allie and I took a swim in our jetted tub
(since the pool still hadn't opened for the season even though it said it was on the schedule- yet another complaint I had about this hotel :)
But, it was fun - Allie had a blast.

We had a pretty view since we were on the 34th floor:

This is what I did while they were at the game:

And this is what Allie did:

When Trey got back we left to go walk the strip and eat.

The next day we decided to walk a little more north on the strip (Caesar's Palace and above) since we didn't make it there the night before.

Then we headed out of Sin City and back to St. George for the rest of the weekend.  Las Vegas was definitely fun to go see, but once is probably enough for me :)  I'll take a weekend on the coast instead please :)


Natalie Smith said...

Great pictures. What a fun weekend. That hotel is incredible!!!

Unknown said...

the hotel looks so lovely. BUT who would not LOVE Allie... that is so lame! I'm glad you guys had fun though, and that you read that book!