Engagement Sneak Peek

Here is just a little peek at the photo shoot I did this weekend:

More to come soon!

Gavin 1 Year and Grandparents

This week I got to go visit some of my cousins and my grandparents who are in town for a little while.  I, of course, brought along my camera and got some cute shots of Gavin. 


I have been meaning to post these pictures of Allie for a while now.  She is my little model most of the time, so she will be showing up on my blog quite a bit!

Little Girls in Pretty Dresses

What is cuter than cute little girls in pretty Easter dresses?  Not much.

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here in Utah.  I was able to go to the tulip festival with my mom-in-law this last week and take some pics of the tulips.  Of course, to me, Spring is more about the blossoms on the trees, so I added those in here too... Enjoy!