My Beautiful Sister

While Mel was here I convinced her to model for me.  I am so glad she did it!  Look at how gorgeous she is:

Darren and Aly Engagement Video

My brother and I recently shot engagements together for the first time.  Go check out the engagement video he made:

Baby Jacob

I finally finished the rest of Baby Jacob's pictures!  Here's the cutie:


Right now I'm missing this girl:

Friends of Allie

The same day of "Our Typical Morning" photo shoot, I was able to play around with that screen/room divider and take some pictures of Allie's friends.  Elle was first:

Finally Finished...Almost

I am finally finished with my apartment...kinda. I figured I can take pictures of what I am mostly done with first, and keep working on the rest.


Baby Kaden

Remember how I said I would post LOTS more pics of cute little Kaden?  First some pics of the cute parents:


Babies Babies Babies!

Yesterday Trey, Allie, and I drove the canyon loop from Salt Lake to Orem to Heber and back to Salt Lake. Obviously the reason had something to do with babies...

First I got to stop by Ceci's baby shower in Orem while Trey and Allie played at a park. It was fun to see Crystal and meet some of Ceci's friends. My mom got Ceci this nursing cover. I really want one because I think it is so pretty...Don't you think so?

Experimenting Part 2

After Allie had a much needed nap I decided to play around with Christmas lights and a heart-shaped filter (homemade with paper and tape.)

I liked the lights in Allie's eye in this first one.


After the lighting photowalk, I started thinking about ways that I could create my own "studio looks" without actually having a studio.

The first thing I tried was using a backdrop with natural (outside) light.