Right now I'm missing this girl:

My little sis came to visit me this last week for her Spring break.  I know, right?  Boring ole me.  Well, not just me, but she did spend lots of time here at my apartment.  I think she mainly came to see Allie. 

It doesn't really matter...I just don't like this whole long-distance relationship thing with my family.  And its just going to be worse this next year when my sister and her husband move away to grad school...and when my brother leaves this fall to go to school...

But I am going to try not to think about that and just have faith that everything will work out and we will still get to see each other once in a while.

Life is good.  There are always things to look forward to in the future.  And college doesn't last forever, right?  It seems like it does, but I am SURE that it has to end eventually...

Thanks to all who participated yesterday in Favorite Things Friday...I realize when most people read this it will have been 2 days ago.  I think a lot at night so that is usually when I do my posts.  And because Trey has to go to bed earlier, since he gets up so early.

There will be more pictures of my beautiful sister to come.