Babies Babies Babies!

Yesterday Trey, Allie, and I drove the canyon loop from Salt Lake to Orem to Heber and back to Salt Lake. Obviously the reason had something to do with babies...

First I got to stop by Ceci's baby shower in Orem while Trey and Allie played at a park. It was fun to see Crystal and meet some of Ceci's friends. My mom got Ceci this nursing cover. I really want one because I think it is so pretty...Don't you think so?

But my mom already got me this one that I love...because it is white and eyelet and I love both of those I don't really need another one...or at least I can't justify it yet...

Then we hopped in the truck (literally I have to hop to get in it) and stopped by Carl's Jr. because we were hungry and they also had a Green Burrito (and I didn't feel like a hamburger.) I got the fish tacos. I don't know why, but fish tacos always sound good to me and I am always disappointed. We really don't eat out hardly ever...

Anyways, we drove out to Heber to go see Ryan and Amy's new baby boy!!!

Kaden is so sweet. He didn't want to sleep when we first got there, but after an hour or so he finally fell asleep and we got some pretty cute shots.

I was so excited about these pictures that I came right home and started playing with them. I will have LOTS (and I mean LOTS) to post this week so stay tuned.

And this last one is my favorite so far.