Maddie and Lehi Sneak Peek

Just a peek of the wedding I did today...more to come soon!

The Deal of the Summer

Alright, so here's the deal:

Trey is out of school for the summer, which means my schedule is pretty wide open.

I am DYING to take some pictures with the poppies this year - I lost my chance last year.

I am offering HALF OFF all of my photography packages right now if you will book me within the next couple weeks so I can get my poppy pictures.

You aren't going to want to wait guys...check out this amazing backdrop:

This picture posted HERE

And just for kicks...some pics I took while we were out enjoying the views:

You can e-mail, leave a message in the comments, or facebook me...


Gone Fishin'

For Memorial Day we decided to brave the crowds and go fishing as a family for the first time this year.  It was actually really fun.

Salt Lake Temple Distressed Prints

For any of you that are interested, I have a few different artwork prints of the Salt Lake Temple.  I am going to work on getting one of the Timpanogos soon too.  Here is one example:

Wheeler Farm

The other day I took Allie to Wheeler farm with a couple of the moms in our complex.  It was a quick trip, but it was fun!  I will definitely be taking some engagements or bridals here sometime soon.

A Sunday Walk

A couple Sundays ago we had the most perfect weather here in Salt Lake.  I took my camera along on our walk and snapped a few shots...


Unfortunately she is much more pretty than she is nice...

Scott and Lauren Engagements

Scott and Lauren were SO cute together.   I was so glad I got to take their pictures so I could get to know Lauren a little better, and because I don't get to see Scott hardly ever as it is!