Scott and Lauren Engagements

Scott and Lauren were SO cute together.   I was so glad I got to take their pictures so I could get to know Lauren a little better, and because I don't get to see Scott hardly ever as it is!

I think you did pretty good Scott :)  Lauren is so pretty!

They were making each other laugh the whole time. :)

Yeah, and I guess Scott is a pretty cool guy too... :)

HAD to get a shot of Lauren's cute shoes.

Thanks so much guys!  I had fun taking your pics!  You are perfect for each other!


Adrian said...

nice work!

Brian's mom said...

These are fabulous! We can't wait to meet Lauren.

Jenny said...

Lauren & Scott are too cute! Love the photos! The thing about Lauren is she is pretty on the inside and the outside! We are proud of her!!!
Love, Aunt Jen