Brad and Tiana Part Two

Missing Summer...

Brad and Tiana: Part One

I was looking forward to this shoot for a long time.  Tiana is the brains behind my new blog and we had been planning the shoot for a while.  We got so lucky and scheduled on the warmest day in November.  Seventy degrees, with a perfect cloud layer for lighting.  We took them at Wheeler Farm, which I am pretty sure is one of the best places to shoot at in the Fall.  Plus, the couple is obviously gorgeous and they were happy to be there, not to mention very photogenic :) 

Baby Sienna

This sweet little girl is the second baby I've done recently that just did not want to sleep :)  That's okay though, we still got some cute shots of her and her older sister, Kendra.

Scott and Lauren's Wedding Album

We got these albums for a smokin' deal... I haven't used Picaboo yet for these types of albums, but I have heard good things about them.  We all got $100 credit for $35.  The albums we ordered are the Madison.  They are normally $90 each so we basically just had to pay for shipping and some extra pages, but what a deal!

Here is what the album itself looks like:

Custom laminated photo cover

Nate and Becca Married!!

The best way to describe these two on their wedding weekend was just overflowing with happiness.  I know that I am not the only one so excited for these two and their little family to be sealed together. 

Brad and Tiana: Sneak Peek

So, I am editing 2 shoots and making an album all simultaneously...and I am doing some newborn photos today.  But, I just HAD to share a little bit from this shoot I did with Brad and Tiana yesterday.

Can you get any better models?  I don't think so.  :)  Nate & Becca's wedding photos, Scott & Lauren's wedding album, and the rest of these photos coming soon...

Nate and Becca: Sneak Peek

I am about 2/3 done with Nate and Becca's photos...I thought I would share a peek: