Brems Cuties

We took these pics the same day we did this maternity shoot; I just completely forgot to post them!  You may remember these kids from the past newborn shoot I did...they just get cuter as they get older!

Baby Brielle

It was so fun to see my friends Steph & Rawlin and meet their new baby Brielle.  She is such a sweet, well-tempered baby and they make such a cute family!

Bees Scare Me

Why is it I always love the pictures I take of bees, but bees totally freak me out? 

Remember my other ones from last year...
I think I might like this one more though...what do you think?

Beautiful Baby Blues

Remember this sweet newborn?  He is getting bigger and even cuter!  Aren't his blue eyes gorgeous?!

Baby Cameron

Remember this gorgeous couple I took pictures of last Fall?  They just had a sweet little boy and I had the pleasure of taking his pictures.  Meet baby Cameron: