Gavin 1 Year and Grandparents

This week I got to go visit some of my cousins and my grandparents who are in town for a little while.  I, of course, brought along my camera and got some cute shots of Gavin. 

I also had the chance to take some pics of my cute grandparents.  These pictures just make me smile:

I love Grandpa's face in this one:

Love them!


Adrian said...

So cute! And that actually goes for the last three posts :)

Crystal Spencer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!! The ones with grandma and Grandpa were cute too! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I owe you BIG time!

Tiana Smith said...

After we talked on Sunday, I went looking for your blogs :) You take some super cute photos!

Natalie Smith said...

The grandparent pictures are so adorable!