Allie's First Snow

Okay, so technically this wasn't Allie's "first snow," but it was the first time she had the experience of touching and playing in snow.

It was so funny how she couldn't get over the sound the snow made as she "crunched" it with her boots and the feeling of stepping on it.

After a few minutes of "crunching" she decided she wanted to see what it felt like...I wonder what was going through her head..."oh it's very cold and not as soft as it looks" maybe...

This has to be one of my favorite parts of parenthood...seeing Allie discover new things and seeing her reaction.  Sometimes she is even more excited about something than I thought she would be...

while other times (like setting up the Christmas tree) she doesn't seemed as interested as I thought she would be.  Either way, it is so fun to be a mom.