My Little Sis and Her Awesome Room

This is Mel...she is my baby sister.

She is so much cooler than me though.

She is so original, when it comes to, music...

And she is just as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the hard to believe as that is.

And now....

Here is her cool room....

And I promise we didn't try to match her outfit to her room, just a happy coincidence.

My brother actually bought the Beatles poster...who knew he had such good taste?

Melanie made the boot vase on her windowsill, which totally fits her style.

Some of Mel's favorite products: A&F 8 perfume, Bare Minerals Warmth, and Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar everything.

I turned on Mel's iPod while I shot. Her faves: The Format, Fun, and Motion City Soundtrack.

Love this zebra straightener.

Notice there are actually 4 "wallflowers" on this wall. Yep, it's Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Isn't my sister cool?!!

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