Our Year in Review

With my maternity leave at the beginning of this last year, house-hunting in the middle, and a move at the end, I didn't have much time for photography. But, I did get to spend a lot of time with my sweet kids and husband :) 

January: We went to Seattle for a week to visit my family and go to my little sister's wedding in Portland:

And I got to see my sister that lives in Cleveland and take some maternity pics for her:

Stayed in from the cold most the month with the kids



May:  Visited our friends in St. George

Went fishing a couple times but stayed in the car most of the time because it was too windy and cold!

July:  Ford Family Reunion

Spent some time with Trey's family

Spent lots of time outside with the kids

Spent more time outside and Allie spent lots of time dressing up

Went on our Florida trip!

 Christmas with the family in our new house!

I am excited to announce that I will now be doing wedding photography exclusively!  I will be working with a new vendor advertising at bridal fairs in Utah and couldn't be more excited!

Happy 2013!!!


Fister Family said...

Congratulations on narrowing down what kind of photography you want to do! I really admire wedding photographers. I could never handle the pressure!

Tiana Smith said...

Wedding photos exclusively? You mean I'm going to have to find someone new? Gah! With you narrowing that down, do you need me to edit your navigation bar so that it no longer has that categories tab? We still need to figure out what (or even *if*) you want to do something with your other blog design. I'd love to do something custom for you :)